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Tri Methyl XTreme 60 Capsules
Tri Methyl XTreme 60 Capsules
List Price: $139.00
Our Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $99.00
Savings: $40.00
Tri-Methyl Xtreme 3.15 by Extreme Performance Group is an intense testosterone boosting formula. Tri-Methyl Xtreme 3.15 works in three very powerful ways to raise testosterone levels, increase strength and promote that lean dry look. The ingredients in Tri-Methyl Xtreme are synergistically designed to complement each other and give you results like you have never had before.

Prohormones are oral steroids. They are compounds that are metabolized by the body and turn in to full blown steroids. The best thing about them is they are completely legal! There are several different brands and compounds. There are single, double and triple compounds available. One of the most extreme stacks in both dose and compound is tri methyl xtreme. Here at platinum muscle we don't promote or sell any product that has not been tried and tested. We want your satisfaction and we want your return business!

For people who know the prohormone market, there is no need to sell you on this product. You already know! For people that don't, I beg you to google the reviews and forums for tri methyl xtreme. You'll find nothing but raving reviews on sites such as bodybuilding.com. You have our word, you will not be let down by this product, unless you put on more size and strength than you wanted to. ;)

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